Victoria Lyttle

I live in Los Angeles, but while visiting family in Purley over Christmas I found Abbies Bootcamp on a Google search, and booked a spot. It was held at Christ church, church hall, and the class was a circuit session. In the USA I am a personal Trainer myself, so I was keen to get a good workout in. I was really pleased that I found this class because it was a good workout but more to the point, it was fun. There where people of all abilities there, all pushing themselves to their own limits. Abbie gave progression and regression so everyone could get the best workout for their ability, and a safe workout. Abbie also had a mailing list to help you with diet, and workout ideas. If I still lived in Purley, I would go to Abbies class each week. I love going to workout classes as this one was very good.
Thank you Abbie.

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