Top Tips For Fat Loss

Number 1 for fat loss is always what you eat, you cannot out-train a bad diet! You need to be in a calorie deficit (burning more calories than you consume) and remember that calories still count on weekends! Most people are perfect Monday to Friday and then eat it all back on over the weekend or more.

Focus on non-processed, whole foods. You will need a good balance of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates.

Remove any added sugars that you put into tea/coffee, porridge etc.

You should try to track your food for at least a week or two so that you get an idea of exactly how many calories you are having. MyFitnessPal is a good food tracker app, try it out and see how it works for you.

Drink 2-3 litres of water daily.

Exercise regularly, find something that you enjoy doing otherwise it will not be sustainable.

Make the time for your training and food preparation. There will always be something else to do, make it a priority or try getting it done before work so that you cannot put it off.

Take progress photos – the scales are not always ideal, your weight will fluctuate day to day and you may not notice the weight slowly coming off until you check back to your start point.

Get 6-8 hours’ sleep per night and try to reduce your stress levels.

Finally, you will need CONSISTENCY and PATIENCE! This will not happen overnight or if you keep giving in to every temptation. Stay consistent with your training and diet (a little treat is needed every now and again, but learn to say no sometimes too!).

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When you lose all excuses, you’ll find your results

Something I hear very often from clients on their fat loss journeys are reasons why they couldn’t train last week or reasons why they ate badly. Mostly this is down to social events, children, work being busy, stress…etc.

We have all been there. Nine times out of ten, the blame is put on someone else…

“My colleague came into work with cakes as it was her birthday”
“My husband worked late so we just got a takeaway”
“My children wanted a dessert so we all had ice cream”

Just a few examples of where we place the blame on others for our lack of training or eating well.

Of course, occasionally this is fine, but if you find yourself week in and week out making these excuses you are not going to hit that goal.

This brings me to the actual goal itself – what you are trying to achieve? Why? How will it make you feel if you do it? How will it make you feel if you don’t do it? The basics of fat loss are pretty simple – the hard part out of all of this is consistency, you have to really want something to find the willpower to be stronger than your excuses and start getting those results.

Dig deep and find your ‘WHY?’

Maybe you’ve been yoyo-ing up and down for years and need to knuckle down to finally get yourself into gear, maybe there are health reasons associated with your weight loss or you want to fit into that pre pregnancy dress and feel amazing again!

Whatever it is, do it for YOU. No one can control what you put in your mouth, so make the time for yourself and do it – for real this time! The people pressuring you to eat their birthday cake, drink alcohol and skip your workouts will be the ones asking you in a few months’ time how you did it.

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